The Rachel and Shalom Show

Expanded Poetry and Video


"Their collaboration fuses poetry and digital filmmaking in such a way that the words, images, and music combine to extend the immediacy of what is being said and what is being shown to give the audience a body of art which adds up to more than the sum of its parts.  Their work is an exercise in what Noam Chomsky called "deep structure" or to put it another way, it is an exercise in the grammar of perceiving beyond the surface of the quotidian and what we are normally aware of."

-Tim Mayo, Poet and Educator

Love and Dread (2020) 2:17

Topical poem by Rachel Hadas recently documented performance for New Yorker


House (2019) 5:00

Rachel Hadas considers her family's Vermont farmhouse in a new poem performed in collaboration with Darryll Rudy with video by Shalom Gorewitz.

Meadow  (2019) 2:30

A poem by Rachel Hadas with lines borrowed from Robert Duncan's Often I am Permitted to Return to a Meadow.  The video by Shalom Gorewitz features drone recordings of a meadow across the road from the house.

"Culture is given to someone.  A work of art presupposes some kind of recipient, even if that person is removed in space and time, faceless, unknown, unimaginable." - Rachel Hadas
from "Merrill, Cavafy, Poems, and Dreams" (Univ. of Michigan Press 2000)

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