December 27, 2014

Green and Gold

for Stivenson Magloire

by Rachel Hadas


Amidst the glossy dark-green foliage

Of trees around the hotel pool,

I spy a low-hanging golden fruit.

So many trees whose names I do not know

And for the first time do not care to learn.

The overwhelming now in its countl...

December 25, 2014

Eshu through My Fingers


I was a slave.  They branded me,

marched me in shackles to the sea,

sent me in chains across the water –

horrors I only half remember

in dreams and visions from Eshu

who finally told me what to do:

tell the story, pass it on.

Make the awful mystery kno...

December 20, 2014

This is mostly a flow of computer generated images based on simple digital drawings. A variety of software was used to oscillate the images to simulate water, natural patterns, and other things. My intention is to animate nonphysical objects in painterly ways. I set up...

December 20, 2014

Questions in the Vestibule, poetry, Northwestern University Press, 2015

Talking to the Dead,  essays, Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2015


 Valentine's Day

there was no time to be everything to each other
and so we fell back on a morph a melt
a translation into dancing letters

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December 27, 2014

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"Culture is given to someone.  A work of art presupposes some kind of recipient, even if that person is removed in space and time, faceless, unknown, unimaginable." - Rachel Hadas
from "Merrill, Cavafy, Poems, and Dreams" (Univ. of Michigan Press 2000)

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